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Direction of the PLQ | Fortin and Derraji show interest



(Quebec) While everything points to the appointment of veteran Marc Tanguay as interim leader, MPs André Fortin and Monsef Derraji do not hide their interest in taking over the leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec after the departure of Dominique Anglade.

Already tipped as a candidate for the leadership of the PLQ, the MP for Pontiac – who has not spoken since the leadership of Dominique Anglade was challenged – appeared before the media Thursday inflated to the block. “I did not come here this morning to close the door,” he said, dismissing his candidacy for the post of acting head of political training.

The elected liberals are gathered in caucus Thursday at the National Assembly to identify who will act as interim chieftaincy after the departure of Dominique Anglade. With the withdrawal of André Fortin, the way is clear for veteran Marc Tanguay. When he arrived at the Liberal caucus, he said “reserve this conversation for [ses] colleagues “. A press briefing is due to take place later Thursday.

André Fortin, who had considered facing Mme Anglade in the previous race said on Thursday he had no interest in taking the interim, even though party rules now allow an interim leader to run for the permanent leadership. According to him, the two functions are “incompatible” despite everything.

” [Ce n’est] not the most interesting role for me nor the most useful for the Liberal Party,” added the MP for Pontiac, who made a long plea on the future of his training, leaving little doubt about his desire to to be a candidate in the next leadership race. André Fortin is the only elected Liberal to have resisted the CAQ wave outside Greater Montreal.

“I think about what is more interesting to me. I think we need to define the Liberal Party. We need a vision, new, bold ideas, to shake things up a bit, […] to take the party elsewhere,” he pleaded, adding that the PLQ must “get out of the box” and go “where we are not expected.” He must also make a tour of the regions, which was already in the cards before the departure of Mme England.


Monsef Derraji

But André Fortin is not the only elected MP to show an interest in the leadership of the PLQ. Monsef Derraji, who also rejected the interim, confirmed Thursday that he was considering running for leader.

“If I trust the last messages I received, there are a lot of people encouraging me to go ahead, precisely to have a race where we will debate bold ideas. I think it’s healthy for the Liberal Party of Quebec to have a race, to have several candidates, and I encourage those who want the Liberal Party to return to the political spectrum to get started,” said he argues.

According to him, it is with “a mixing of ideas that the Liberal Party will be reborn”. He nevertheless recalled the “work to be done” currently with his political training and on the issues that affect Quebecers, such as inflation and health. The MP for Nelligan added that he will make his decision once the leadership contest rules are known.

Mr. Derraji also expressed his wish to reintegrate Marie-Claude Nichols into the Liberal caucus, recalling that it was also the will of Dominique Anglade.

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