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Discord is full of new features, and not just for gamers



Pay less for your Discord Nitro subscription thanks to the new features introduced by the platform today.

A short time ago, we told you about Discord’s commitment to the French community of creators and users of the platform. Messaging, which quickly became the headquarters of gamers, has diversified its audience so much that it now finds itself with a multitude of different cultural groups. In an effort to improve the experience of all its users, Discord is introducing some welcome changes today.

A simplified Nitro subscription for everyday users

First of all, the company introduces a whole new formula to its subscription, which represents all of its income as a platform. Discord Nitro is access to some practical advantages for a hundred dollars a year, or ten a month. A heavy investment for many users, especially when most of the advantages speak mainly to gamers.

That’s why Discord Nitro Basic intends to give you access to the bare minimum, against €2.99 per month on mobile or $2.99 ​​on PC. There is no annual formula unlike the Discord Nitro subscription that we already know. Nitro Basic offers you in returnAnimated and personalized emojis, larger capacity for file uploads, and a special profile badge. This new subscription will be effective from October 20 in France.

Then, the company announces the arrival of a directory of applications as well as “activities”. The first feature is aimed at server managers since it allows you to access a simplified but complete interface of native Discord applications, so that they can add them to their servers more quickly.

Activities allow users to share new group experiences, such as playing games and
watch videos directly through Discord voice channels. Like Amazon Prime Video sessions on Twitch, it’s a great way to build relationships or strengthen those of an existing community. Both of these features will be available in Discord on October 18 and 17 respectively.

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