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Disney, Apple and Amazon in the running



Which of Disney, Amazon and Apple will manage to get their hands on Electronic Arts in the coming months?

After Bethesda and Activision, EA’s turn may have come. According to rumors, Electronic Arts should also be bought out, and would even actively seek a potential buyer. It is Puck who relays this information, and who also explains that the development studio is canvassing several large companies, including Disney, Apple and Amazon. Just that.

Still according to the media, EA currently leaves the choice between two options: an outright takeover, or a merger. If the latter option is taken, then the studio would ideally want to let Andrew Wilson run the business. However, it seems that none of the three aforementioned firms is ready to take the plunge just yet. Everything is therefore still at a standstill… but the situation could quickly change.

Why target Disney, Apple or even Amazon?

This is the question everyone is asking. Individually, these three companies are already worth billions, all because they are considered pioneers in their respective fields; and therefore have a great influence. However, none of them specialize in the development or publishing of video games. What interest for them then to think about investing billions in a studio takeover?

The most obvious answer is that of diversification. In recent years, Disney, Amazon and Apple have gradually expanded their area of ​​activity to invest in sectors that were not predisposed to them. Amazon, for example, opened its own game studio, although most of the projects initiated never saw the light of day. Disney has meanwhile launched its streaming service, which is beginning to seriously compete with other industry giants. As for Apple, the company dabbles in everything it can in relation to technology.

Buying EA would therefore be the perfect opportunity to get a foothold effectively in the world of video games, knowing that it is one of the most famous studios in the world. The firm owns and operates many successful licenses, such as Need for Speed, Star Wars, FIFA – which will be renamed EA FC Sports – or even Battlefield, to name only the tip of the iceberg. A takeover that would therefore be a win-win situation for both parties, and which would give even more weight to one of these three companies.

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