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Do not open this email from 2K Games, it contains malware!



Pay close attention to the emails you receive from 2K, a malware phishing campaign is currently underway.

Just a few days away from the Rockstar hack and the massive GTA 6 leak, it’s the turn of another big video game publisher to experience a security breach. Indeed, on Twitter, 2K Games informed its players that a malicious Internet user had managed to enter the firm’s systems to carry out a vast phishing campaign among the company’s loyal players. Clearly, the world is angry with Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of the two companies.

In its message, 2K wants to be clear and rather alarmist. The hacker has obviously found a way to enter the files of the support branch of 2K, the one that deals with after-sales service and customer assistance, illegally. Usually, this service sends you emails only after a solicitation from you, any mail received spontaneously is therefore suspect.

2K says the process is pretty straightforward. The first e-mail received is very ordinary in appearance, so it is normal that you open it out of simple curiosity. However, this action triggers the process, thanks to which you immediately receive a second email, this time much more dangerous. Inside it, a link that is supposed to lead you to download the new launcher from the firm.

2K is however very clear: there is no new launcher and clicking on this link will simply lead the hacker to all your passwords and identifiers present on your PC. This is due to malware present in the software that comes siphon off all your personal information stored in your browser.

What steps should be taken if in doubt?

If you clicked on this link and downloaded the 107MB software, then you should immediately change all autosaved passwords. When possible, enable two-factor authentication which will increase the security of your information. And of course, we can only remind you to use complex and above all different passwords for each sensitive site you use. By sensitive we mean those where your credit card is registered (shopping, bank, etc.) or those that contain private and personal information (taxes, health insurance, etc.), among others.

These recommendations are also to be taken into account in case of simple doubt and more generally to ensure your online security.

Are the two intrusions linked?

Two hacks in one week is a lot for Take-Two Interactive which is still trying to recover and identify the culprit of the hack of GTA 6. The firm is said to be working with the FBI on this subject given the fact that the young hacker, aged 18, boasts of being also responsible for the massive security breach of Uber. For the moment, there is no indication that the two attacks on the studio were perpetrated by the same individual.

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