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Donald Trump’s social network has found a web host



(Washington) Donald Trump’s future social network will be hosted on RightForge, a conservative-friendly internet infrastructure company, CEO Martin Avila said on Tuesday.

The former conservative president’s social network, dubbed “Truth Social”, is expected to have more than 75 million users, Mr. Avila told the Axios news site, stressing that he had “prepared the ground” for this. scenario.

“That’s why there will be servers everywhere,” he said.

Donald Trump was ousted from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube after the violent assault on Capitol Hill on January 6 by his supporters, but the boss of RightForge believes that the former president should not be silenced.

“If you believe the president should be banned from platforming, we think you don’t really want to live in a free country,” he said.

According to him, RightForge wants to ensure that “America stays true to its core ideas and that the market for ideas remains open.”

RightForge began building a global network after Mr. Trump was ousted from social media and then the Conservatives’ sort of Facebook, Parler, was shut down by Google, Apple and Amazon.

The former real estate mogul announced last week the upcoming launch of “Truth Social”, the latest attempt to return to social media that is fueling speculation about a new White House candidacy for 2024.

Donald Trump assured Tuesday that the newly created group Trump Media & Technology (TMTG) which will encompass “Truth Social”, a video-on-demand service and podcasts, “sees opportunities” in other key sectors, internet services to payment infrastructures.

“We have seen a serving President of the United States silenced by a small oligarchy of ‘mainstream’ tech and media giants,” Trump said in a statement.

He said he was “determined to break their stranglehold on the voices of the American people.”

Facebook indefinitely banned Mr. Trump on January 7, accusing the former president of using his platform to incite his supporters to violence before the assault on Capitol Hill. The sanction was then reduced to two years.

Twitter had also permanently suspended the presidential account to nearly 89 million subscribers “because of the risk of further incitement to violence.”

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