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Don’t miss the next Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Super Mario movie



The firm of Kyoto is not in its first tests in animation and intends to go always further with this new acquisition.

Nintendo’s cult franchises will come to life in future animated works produced by their own studio. Last July, the parent company of Mario and his friends announced the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures and it is now done. The Kyoto firm has already worked with these teams to produce scenes of Metroid: Other M or short films pikmine. Excerpts from personas 5, Monster Hunter World or Final Fantasy XIII-2 are also on the studio’s charts. Suffice to say that Nintendo has just dug up a little gem in the industry.

To mark the occasion, the studio also changes its name and comes to take the patronymic of its purchaser. Now titled Nintendo Pictures, this subsidiary will now focus on the creation of content based around the licenses of the Kyoto firm. Capcom and Atlus will no longer be able to enjoy the studio’s animation services, but Nintendo finally finds the opportunity to dive into it a little more.

A Direct under the sign of Super Mario: the movie

The news fell this afternoon. This Thursday, Nintendo will dedicate a special Direct to the film Super Mario. We knew the project was already in preparation at Illumination studios (Me, Despicable Me), this week should be an opportunity to learn a little more. First images are expected, and an official Twitter account has even been created for the occasion. Let’s hope that for this new foray into the cinema, the little mustachioed plumber will finally find favor with the public, which had not really been the case during his first attempts on the small screen.

Nintendo films?

The margins of Super Mario Movie, the acquisition of its own film studio shows Nintendo’s desire to create its own content. To the point of imagining films produced directly by the teams of the Japanese firm within a few years. This could notably reduce the colossal collaborative work like the partnership for this highly anticipated film. With a productionin house”, Nintendo avoids any worry of artistic dispute.

Despite this, it’s a safe bet that the main tasks of the studio will lie in the production of cutscenes and other animations for the games of the firm. We are still a long way from the release of a potential film Zelda or an anime Metroid but Nintendo fans will have the same right to their animation dose very soon.

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