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Do you like Hollow Knight? You will love this amazing indie game.

On Nintendo Switch and PC, independent games have their place and are even legion with players, who turn more easily to unsuspected nuggets than to big-budget games. In this month of March, the game Pronty, already available on Steam, will make its arrival on Nintendo consoles. Now is the time to let yourself be convinced, with 3 reasons that will make you want to discover Pronty.

A metroidvania as we like them

Pronty it’s a 2D adventure game that transports us to a submerged world located a few centuries in the future. We then embody an aquatic creature whose training remains to be done while monsters prowl in the hostile universe of the game. If we can’t really call it a platform game since everything happens under water, Pronty is a metroidvania as we love them with their mysterious map and their various gameplay possibilities.

The indie game gives you the keys to a curious character, but who has everything to learn. During your adventure, you will therefore have to retrace your steps, try to orient yourself and brave many dangers thanks to your robotic sidekick who is there to help you. If you like games likeHollow Knight or The Messengerthis one should not disorient you, although its construction is slightly more simplistic.

An accessible difficulty

Pronty is also one of the few metroidvania not to display a high level of difficulty. The fights against other creatures are sometimes difficult, but we rarely found ourselves in immediate danger of death, which makes it rather accessible to all audiences. That’s good, the game also lets you choose your difficulty level at the start of the game, and it can also be changed along the way if you want more or less of a challenge.

A very cute hero

The strong point of Pronty, it is above all his adorable universe and his adorable hero. The graphics of the title are simply charming, the visual contributing enormously to the immersion of the player. We love its colorful environments, its sense of detail with regard to the characters, but also the music and sound design of the game. The more we advance in the adventure, the more we have the opportunity to discover splendid settings, and this despite the childish character (at first sight) of Pronty. In any case, we note the hard work of the developers to make this adventure as magical as possible alongside endearing characters.

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