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Dragon Age signs a return with great fanfare with two major projects



The next title in the cult saga is looming on the horizon as this mythical universe also prepares its arrival on our screens.

Be passionate about dragon age in 2022 is no small feat. After a third episode released he is already eight years old in November 2014, the franchise has been more than discreet. Fans then found themselves desperate, looking for the slightest drop of information to quench their thirst for fantastic adventures on the continent of Thedas.

In 2020, the news drought ended with the release ofa trailer revealing the development of a new title and the teams behind this future production. In December of the same year, a short cinematic teaser aroused the curiosity of players, but since then: nothing. Or at least, until this month of June 2022 which turns out to be a real gift for aficionados of the fantasy RPG from Bioware.

A return to the front of the stage

After being overshadowed by a certain The Witcher 3 released just a few months after the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the medieval franchise of the parents of Mass Effect seemed doomed to die slowly. But to the delight of enthusiasts of this universe, fate turns out to be quite different.

The saga will his big comeback, and that’s good news. With a gameplay and a very particular narration deriving from other games of the genre, dragon age has its own place within the vast genre of RPGs, and it’s important that it keeps it. With the arrival of two massive projects planned for soon, this license is not about to say goodbye.

At the beginning of June, the name of the enigmatic 4th episode of the saga was simply revealed to us via a tweet that couldn’t be simpler. Some Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will then come to land on our consoles and PCs in the more or less near future. This name is not trivial and is equivocal of the first elements of the story that were revealed to us in the teaser of December 2020

From video games to cartoons

dragon age will also mark its big comeback with its arrival on netflix. The streaming giant will indeed offer an animated series titled Dragon Age: Absolution which he has just unveiled during Geeked Week. This will transport viewers to the heart of the game’s universe, and more specifically to the kingdom of Tevinter, a society run by mages.

While the games remain rather evasive about this region, the series should develop its history and reveal crisp secrets for fans of the saga. Few details have been revealed, but we can probably expect to discover important elements for the establishment of the next big title in the franchise. In effect, dreadwolf also plans to explore this region and this animated series could most certainly serve as a prelude to the adventures that await us on consoles and PC in 2023.

Dragon Age: Absolution will arrive on the streaming platform in December 2022offering fans what to expect from the next video game experience of the license a few months later.

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