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DuProprio’s spokesperson becomes a broker again | The Press



DuProprio’s spokesperson, Martin Desfossés, is once again becoming a real estate broker after being one of the headliners of the sales service company without a real estate broker for 15 years. The real estate specialist begins his new adventure in the Remax Bonjour team.

Martin Desfossés has fervently defended in many forums the sale of properties without a real estate broker. He has coached and accompanied thousands of owners who wanted to avoid paying thousands of dollars in commission. However, by crossing to the other side, he assures us that this is not a disavowal of the concept of selling by oneself.

“It’s a good service for people who don’t want to have a broker and that has to be respected and I’m always going to respect it,” he said in an interview with The Press. I’ve always been pro-choice. There are people who sell naturally by mandating a broker, there are others who want to take care of their business. »

The choice to leave DuProprio for Remax Bonjour is a career choice, he explains. Following the sale of the British company to a Quebec player, the Mouvement Desjardins, in 2020, Martin Desfossés had to focus solely on his role as spokesperson. While what fascinates him above all, he confides, is that of coach and assisting owners in the sale of their home.

“There is also the fact that all the people with whom I had fun building DuProprio have left. I lost my long-standing friendships,” he says.

Martin Desfossés was first a real estate broker at Sutton for seven years before creating the offer of coaching to DuProprio customers in 2007 with the founder.


Martin Desfossés, real estate agent

There aren’t many in brokerage who have a 360 perspective like me. I have seen both sides, offering my expertise in two ways, as a real estate broker and as a coach for sale without a broker.

Martin Desfossés, real estate agent

A seller’s market

The “new” real estate broker arrives in a market that is still sellers, of course, but in which properties are no longer selling like hot cakes. Isn’t it a bad time to go into business when mortgages are more expensive than during the pandemic? “I’ve been doing real estate for 22 years,” he explains. When I started in 2000, interest rates were at 6.5%. I knew a market that was not obvious. I have also worked with 2% and 5% interest rates. »

“Having interacted with 10,000 owners since the beginning of my career, I understand what influences and motivates a transaction. With this hindsight and my experience, I can say no, this more difficult market does not scare me at all. On the contrary,” he continues enthusiastically.

“The market is more and more complex and I have the deep conviction that this is where I will have fun and where I will be most effective. In all markets, even at 20%, there are transactions taking place,” he recalls.

Martin Desfossés is more motivated than ever by his new challenge, because he joins forces with his spouse Amélie Hébert who will offer the property development service (home staging) before taking photos of the properties for sale.

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