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EA announces Lord of the Rings mobile game



Heroes of Middle-earth is a new mobile game developed by EA that is coming soon to iOS and Android.

The deductible of Lord of the Rings is an area so protected by its fans that it is difficult for anyone to want to adapt it in another form. Amazon has recently rubbed shoulders with it by proposing to develop an MMO The Lord of the Rings inspired by the eponymous films and books, but canceled the project along the way. If now we expect a television series, still signed Amazon, it seems that a mobile game is also being prepared.

This time, Electronic Arts (EA) decides to take over the franchise. In a press release, the firm explains that its mobile game called Middle Earth Heroes will be a strategic title with a strong narrative and sublime settings. We don’t know much about its content except that there will be turn-based combat, as well as many characters from the movies. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

An open beta available this summer

It is the Capital Games studio which will take care of the development of the game, a guarantee of quality (normally) since it is the studio which delighted us with the title Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes. If for the moment we have no image or other information on the content of the game, we expect to see it land in beta by this summer, during the regional testing phase.

In other good news, at least for EA, it seems that the partnership between Middle-Earth Enterprises (which governs the franchise The Lord of the Rings) and EA be extended for a few more years. This means that other productions around this universe are not to be excluded, especially on PC and consoles where licensed games are snapped up. In any case, this comes to make up for the fact that EA no longer has the exclusivity of the franchise Star Warsa license that is particularly disputed at the moment, and that EA has exploited well during all these years.

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