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EA deemed racist by players publicly apologizes



The Behind the Sims Summit responsible for presenting the future of the license was able to alienate part of the community.

Eight years after the release of Sims 4, the fifth episode is finally official. The title is in preparation under the code name “Project Rene” and promises for the moment the customization of a whole new level as well as an ever greater community aspect. But while the good news seems to fuse for the life simulator, EA has drawn the wrath of part of its community following this presentation. This first attempt at a live conference, like other major studios and manufacturers, therefore crowned with apologies from the teams of the game.

The Sims have always served as a tool of expression for players. Thanks to its creative options, tons of content and experiences have been created, allowing any player to find their account and feel represented. However, the Behind the Sims Summit didn’t do enough credit to the diverse community that some say contributes to the game. Out of 18 Simmers (meaning “Sims players”) shown in front of the camera, only one black person was highlighted. Many players have therefore not failed to express their anger on social networks, pushing EA to react.

Our content creator-focused segment during Behind the Sims Summit did not fairly represent our large community of gamers. Black Simmers deserve to feel valued in everything we do at The Sims, so we hold ourselves accountable for this mistake and will do better in the future.

Admitted fault half forgiven, but players can still comfort themselves with a whole bunch of new content.

The Sims at their best

To wait The Sims 5 which will undoubtedly take their time before making their entrance, EA continues to bet everything on the fourth episode of the series. The basic title is now free, allowing everyone to embark on the creative adventure at a lower cost. It will still be necessary to go to the checkout to afford all the additional content, bringing the bill to almost 700€. Still happy that it is not necessary to have all the DLC to have fun.

Halloween fans will certainly find malicious pleasure in discovering the Werewolves extension to celebrate the “spooky season”. Otherwise, a whole slew of free content has been available since the broadcast of Behind the Sims, and many other expansions will arrive by 2023, including infants.

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