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EA Games Teases a Big Announcement and Revs Sims 5 Rumors



Sims fans rejoice, new content will be announced tonight, but what can we expect?

The official Sims Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet this morning revealing thata special announcement will take place later in the evening (according to French time). Obviously this is the door open to theories and other speculations, the opportunity to try to see more clearly and guess what awaits us.

The tweet in question could not be simpler, and tells us “See you… today” accompanied by a short video. We can see the plumbob, the famous Sims diamond, change its appearance and take on a much more refined and shiny design as night falls in the background.

The entire appearance of the Twitter account was changed on this occasion, from the profile photo to the cover image showing a new logo and this very strange sentence: “This season, embrace the night”.

The Sims 5 on the horizon?

The appearance of a new logo and this sudden announcement that differs from the habits of EA and Maxis revive the rumors about the long-awaited 5th episode of the license. The Sims 4 was released in 2014 already 8 years ago, and fans are starting to get impatient with the announcement of a sequel.

EA had however rebranded its game in 2019 by updating the promotional images of its various extensions. The firm took the opportunity to declare that it wanted to continue developing the game for many years to come. So, although a new episode with new features is long overdue, we will probably have to wait a few more years to discover the future version of The Sims.

Another new expansion?

If we have to stay on the ground and return to the field of possibilities, the new announcement scheduled for this evening will most likely reveal yet another expansion for EA’s life simulation game.

Between a possible new collaboration with Star Wars on the occasion of May 4 (May the Fourth, official day of the license), or an extension based on the night, everything seems possible with the little information we have at the moment. actual hour.

Some Twitter users seem to be convinced that it isa cyberpunk expansion while others lean more towards an extension of nightlife and nightclubs.

One thing is certain, EA and Maxis are pushing the envelope for the marketing of this new content, which promises at least something memorable that will change the experience of players and players.

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