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EA Says Battlefield 2042 Isn’t Abandoned…Yet



Rather than turning this sad page once and for all, EA is still trying to save face in front of Battlefield 2042 players.

Battlefield 2042 will be remembered by gamers as a resounding fiasco that was brought down in flames by the entire community (see our encore). The game still feels like a vast trash fire almost eight months after release, so gamers have started to desert the title…and apparently they aren’t the only ones. According to Jeff Grubb, an American journalist who has followed the evolution of the title very closely, even EA has begun to mourn its cursed title.

The game is only a shadow of itself”, says the person concerned in a statement relayed by Video Games Chronicle. According to him, the few employees who still work on the game now have only one mission: to ensure the union minimum by releasing the additional seasons which have already been promised before completely abandoning the ship.

Also according to Grubb, the team “is working to complete this content as quickly and economically as possible” so that these employees can switch to the new Battlefield as soon as possible. He also specifies that the heart of the development team has already completely dropped 2042 to focus on its successor.

As expected, these statements have reacted on the side of Electronic Arts and DICE, the studio that piloted the development. In a statement to Eurogamer, EA has lingoed his accusations outright. corporate. “In addition to our other studios, there is a significant DICE team that remains focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for all players.”, explains the publisher.

A posture that becomes exasperating

A clumsy statement that smacks of ostrich politics; EA is probably trying to reassure the public, but this projection ultimately reflects a form of denial and above all a huge discrepancy with player expectations. Today, the majority of players no longer want to hear about 2042; early fans would certainly have preferred a real my culpa to close this shameful chapter with a little dignity, or in any case a sign that shows that the editor intends to draw the lessons which are essential after this real Battlefailed.

It seemed obvious that EA was not going to turn around; after all, the publisher argued for months that this disastrous launch would not be representative of the final product, and that it was only a matter of time before gamers finally got their money’s worth. This statement therefore has at least the merit of being consistent with the rest of the communication around the title.

But after nearly eight months of status quo, that outcome now seems out of reach. The problems plaguing the game are extremely numerous. But above all, most of them are about deep overall design concerns; these are elements that can hardly be resolved with a lot of patches.

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The Next Battlefield Could Save The Franchise… Or Bury It

To save 2042, the only solution would be to raze everything to start again on a sound basis… which makes almost no sense from a strategic and commercial point of view. And EA is bound to be aware of this, even if it does not openly admit it. The game’s reputation is now so bad that it will probably be impossible to change it in the future; no matter how much and how good the content adds up, the damage is already done.

This means that even if EA invests a fortune to save its game, the return on investment is likely to be very meager; today, the only sight of the acronym 2042 enough to scare off most gamers. Despite the publisher’s protests, it therefore seems obvious that the title will gradually be pushed into oblivion. This looks like the only viable approach anyway; is there still the slightest point in obsessing over this stillborn title, knowing that it will never live up to the enormous expectations that preceded the release anyway?

It only remains to hope that those concerned will learn the lesson. Because if the pedigree of this legendary franchise will undoubtedly allow it to survive this crossing of the desert, it has not left the inn for all that. The next Battlefield will be more than ever awaited at the turn; fans probably couldn’t bear to feel cheated again for the second time in a row, and so the future of an iconic franchise could be in jeopardy. With a bit of luck, this episode will deter players from spending a penny on a pre-order while waiting to have a certain number of guarantees…

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