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Elden Ring on Gameboy, what does it give?



A fan of FromSoftware’s latest game is developing a retro version for the Gameboy.

Elden Ring has been able to establish itself as the big success of this beginning of the year 2022 in terms of video games. In addition to its onion-like gameplay, it’s also a beautiful game with breathtaking art direction.

But then what would it look like Elden Ring if it had been released almost 30 years earlier on the Gameboy? This is what Shin, a Reddit user passionate about the latest hardcore game from FromSoftware, decided to imagine.

And beware, this is not just a concept, but a lot ofa real playable game that the creator even plans to run on a real Gameboy console !

I’m making an Elden Ring demake for the Game Boy! It will work on real hardware! from Elden ring

With graphics that are reminiscent of those of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which was released on Nintendo’s handheld in 1993, this miniature version ofElden Ring also turns out to be quite charming in her own way.

For the moment, only the intro sequence has been recreated up to the game’s first boss, the Grafted Offspring, which here looks like a rather cute spider. However, this one remains just as formidable, and quickly brings up the iconic game over screen of FromSoftware games and its “You Died“simple, frank and direct… A playable demo for everyone should be released next May.

The fashion for “demakes”

While the video game industry continues to lay endless remakessome players prefer to go against the grain and develop demakes. This rather original concept allows you to discover today’s classics, as if they had been developed several years ago.

The last big project of this kind that marked the players is also a demake of a FromSoftware game. This is a PlayStation One version of the game Bloodborne released in 2015 on PlayStation 4. Going back three generations of consoles, the game had kept its charm, while sporting the look so characteristic of games from Sony’s first console.

Retro games are still on the rise, but discovering these alternative versions of cult games from now is a completely different pleasure that we invite you to discover.

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