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Electronic Arts in the process of being bought out… by Amazon?



The latest crazy rumor circulating on the net is that Amazon is buying the video game studio EA.

The world of video games is experiencing yet another turnaround after the arrival of a crazy rumor. USA Today, via its For the Win column, announces that Amazon is currently negotiating the takeover of a famous video game studio. This is Electronic Arts, the group behind the successful franchises Fifa, Apex Legends, Battlefield or many games Star Wars.

Rumors have been swirling about a potential acquisition of the studio for a few weeks, but so far nothing has been confirmed. The media reports, however, that we can expect an official announcement within the next few hours from Amazon, which is starting to make its way into the world of gaming. The firm would have finally made an offer to the studio.

What could this change?

For the moment, we don’t know anything about this acquisition, neither its price nor its long-term challenges. On the other hand, we understand the interest of Amazon to invest in such a big company. EA is a specialist in licenses that pay off and would allow the firm to establish its place in a sector that it exploits little or very badly. A group of studios like EA should cost the company a pretty penny, knowing that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard cost Microsoft close to $70 billion.

For players, this should not change much since Amazon is not a manufacturer unlike Sony or Microsoft. There is therefore no risk of having excessive exclusivities on one or the other of the consoles. However, keep in mind that EA has its own games on demand service, called EA Play, and that it is accessible via Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Amazon, which intends to enhance its Prime Gaming service, could just as well decide to withdraw the partnership between EA and Microsoft, and recover EA Play for its own account. This would particularly encourage new players to subscribe to Amazon Prime, even though the price of monthly and annual plans has just increased.

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