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Elite 2 pro controllers are now customizable at a lower cost



Microsoft is finally letting you customize Xbox Elite 2 pro controllers the way you want and for cheap.

Microsoft opens the doors to the professional scene with its Xbox Elite 2 controllers, which are now fully customizable. Already well established on the market, the peripherals have nothing to prove to the gaming community, although their look has so far remained very classic. With Elite 2 controllers now supported by the Xbox Design Lab site, they can sport any style you want them to and at an attractive price.

Millions of different combinations

Those who already know how the site works know that you can choose the color, and sometimes the texture, of almost all parts of the controller: joysticks, grips, triggers, etc. This is also the case with the Elite 2, on which you can also engrave an inscription (paid option). Through the Xbox Accessories app, you can also remap all the buttons on the controller and choose the color of the illuminated Xbox button from 16 different options.

All this on a powerful basis, which already offers you many ways to personalize your gaming experience. With its adjustable joysticks and triggers, and its battery of up to 40 hours of autonomy, you will not risk losing the thread of your part. In its press release, the firm explains that visual customization represents the icing on the cake:

Now you have billions of colorful ways to make the most customizable Xbox controller your own! We’re excited to bring more choices to players around the world and can’t wait to see how fans reimagine what it’s like to be Elite.

Price and availability

Those who have already tried to buy a professional controller know that it is often necessary to choose between quality and customization. This problem had already been partly solved with the arrival of the Scuf Instinct controller, which combined these two worlds… but at a more than high price. Now players can choose the alternative offered by Xbox which is at a much lower cost.

The Xbox Elite 2 Controller is customizable starting at $149.99 for the base controller and starting at $209.99 for the bundle with accessories. You will find all the customization options on the website.Xbox Design Lab and this from today.

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