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Emmanuel Macron arrested by opponents during a rally



(Strasbourg) In front of several thousand people, supporters but also opponents, Emmanuel Macron held a one-hour meeting on Tuesday in front of Strasbourg Cathedral, responding tit for tat to hostile interruptions, in particular on the climate and the climate. ‘ISF.

While his supporters cheered him on with the cry of “five more years”, pro-“yellow vests”, or pro-Mélenchon or even climate defenders mixed in with the crowd took him to task on multiple occasions.

Each time, Emmanuel Macron suspended his speech on Europe to respond to their accusations or slogans, defending his record and his projects. The security service evacuated a few groups.

“Macron returns the ISF”, booed a small group, quickly removed by the security guards. But Emmanuel Macron, who did not allow himself to be destabilized, replied: “the ISF, it is not in my pocket, it has made it possible to create jobs! »

To Insoumis militants who were shouting the name of their champion, he launched: “Mélenchon? Yes, you were able to vote the first time! This is the principle of democracy. I ask everyone the same respect! “.

To another who shouted “long live the king of the Republic”, a little surprised, he replied: “you can do it, that’s the difference between living in France and living in Hungary”.

Seeing blue and yellow flags, he also exclaimed, to great applause: “Thank you for flying the flag of Ukraine here”. Then praised “the Europe of Culture and Erasmus”, but also the Europe which provided France with a vaccine or which protects Human Rights.

“And the weather? Suddenly questioned a young 24-year-old student, Théa, who voted for Yannick Jadot in the first round. “He said that the students lived well in France, but that’s not true, it’s been 10 years since the level of scholarship has been reviewed,” she said.

“I hear the concerns, I share them”, but “I want to draw people with me” on this subject. “We reduced greenhouse gases twice as quickly” as during the previous five-year term. “But now we have to go much faster.”

“Yes, I want to take a step in your direction, which is also the direction of our all future,” he promised, this time garnering consensus applause. He also spoke out against the inequalities between the south and the north of the EU, “which was not the initial dream”.

Macron warns against the “return of nationalism”

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Marine Le Pen wanted to “leave” the European Union but that she no longer dared to say so, which would lead, if elected president, to “a return to nationalism” and “to war” on the continent.

“The battle we are waging is not just for France, but for Europe”, proclaimed the president-candidate during a speech in Châtenois (Bas-Rhin).

“Because, he added, the project of the extreme right is a project where the exit from Europe is hidden […] Get out of this Europe of peace which is a conquest of the last eight decades. »

“With the greatest force, you will see me opposing this project because it is the return to nationalism and the return to war. Never,” he added.

During a meeting in Strasbourg at the start of the evening, the candidate again insisted: “The Europe which is ours is not an alliance of nations which want to make war on each other, it is a project of respect which has put an end to the dream of empire which had always fractured us”.

“And the dreams of empire return: it is the dream of Russia today, it is the dream of certain others, it is the conflict of those and those who would have us believe that the solution for France , is to get out of Europe, because it would be to go and fight other Europeans,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron also intended to “forcefully defend our European Court of Human Rights” and the European Convention on Human Rights which it enforces, while Mrs. Le Pen has repeatedly indicated that she wants to “get out of ‘a number of articles of the Convention’.

The far-right candidate also wants French courts to no longer be tied to Court decisions, including France’s convictions.

However, for Mr. Macron, the Court of Strasbourg, “it is what carries our values, because it allows each citizen in Europe to defend their rights, even when the State does not recognize them: it is why Russia wants to leave it”.

“If you consider that the rights which are in our charter are not respected by the government, you can go before this court and condemn the government: it is a treasure and it must be preserved, fought for”, a- he hammered again.

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