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Employees working on Call of Duty are literally the size of a village



Call of Duty takes up a lot more space within Activision than you might think.

You’ll never guess how many employees work on games call of duty. It has been a successful franchise for many years, and as it evolves, it needs more and more financial, but also human, resources to operate. And if for one or two years the craze around the license is running out of steam, it does not mean that Activision is dropping the case. On the contrary, the worse it goes, the more the studio puts the means to get out of it.

The firm, which has just been released its balance sheetreports that currently, more than 3,000 people work on franchise-related projects call of dutywhich is a phenomenal total of 31% of group employees. To do this, many teams have been gradually diverted from their initial projects to support call of duty warzone – among other games in the franchise – such as Toys for Bob.

If this name is not unknown to you, it is because the studio is mainly known for its work on the last two Crash Bandicootbut also the franchise Skylanders. A situation that changes everything for developers, who must now be part of a larger enterprise, and become cogs among many others.

A huge change is coming

But if Activision proceeds in this way, it is because the firm is convinced that it is creating the biggest change of the decade in regards to call of duty. Players are aware that the sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot is expected at least for the fall season and that it will be accompanied by a completely modernized version of Warzonethe battle royale.

This one had already offered a new map a few months ago, but it seems that the new version will be radically different. That’s why Activision says these 3,000 or so people are needed to achieve “the most ambitious plan ever in Call of Duty history“.

Activision’s last chance?

It is clear that the franchise has become the firm’s main lifeline, both financially and in terms of the studio’s reputation. After the numerous complaints filed for harassment and sexual assault, the takeover by Microsoft, and the flop of the last two call of dutyit is more than obvious that the fame of the rand studio Activision suffers more and more every day, and that it will be very difficult to ignore it.

So of course, Warzone is always there to catch up with the situation, he who is a real gold mine for the firm, but the many cheating concerns are not there to fix anything. Fortunately, in this area, Activision is overflowing with imagination.

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