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End of series for Boston



Boston, which had lined up nine wins before moving to Chicago on Monday night, saw its good streak come to an end against the Bulls (121-107). The Celtics nevertheless retain first place in the Eastern Conference.

No ten pass for the Celtics. Boston should have known. If there is a team armed to stop the Celtics in their tracks, it was Chicago. It must be said that the players of Massachusetts had lost only three times (in sixteen games) before moving to Illinois on Monday evening, and among the three franchises to have achieved the feat of bringing down the C’s were these Bulls with whom Boston had another meeting on Monday, almost a month after losing heavily (120-102) on the floor dear to DeMar DeRozan and his teammates. Meanwhile (November 5), the Celtics had taken their revenge against the Bulls, beaten 123-119 at the leaders of the Eastern Conference, the calendar having quickly scheduled a reunion between the two teams. Unfortunately for Boston, the beautiful, on the other hand, turned again to the advantage of Chicago, which can therefore now boast of not only being part of the rare franchises (they are only three) having succeeded this season in bringing down Boston, but also twice.

Boston remains first in the East

Like last October 25, DeRozan (28 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists) and the Bulls allowed themselves the luxury of again manhandling (121-107) these Celtics who had the possibility Monday evening of aligning a tenth victory and further consolidate their first place in the East ahead of Milwaukee (12v-4d), winner Monday at home against Portland (119-111). Finally, the floor of the United Center and Chicago got the better of Jaylen Brown (25 points), Jayson Tatum (28 points, 11 rebounds) and their teammates, like a Marcus Smart not on his plate (8 points, 7 assists). Already clearly ahead at the break (+13), the Bulls confirmed their dominance after returning from the locker room. A result all the more unexpected that if Boston remained on nine victories, Chicago, for its part, had not won for four games. Boston retains first place in the conference, however, before hosting Dallas on Wednesday – but for one more win over the Bucks alone – while the Bulls travel to Celtics runner-up Milwaukee.

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