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End of year greetings | Emmanuel Macron calls for unity and confirms pension reform



(Paris) Emmanuel Macron called for “the unity of the nation” and not to give in to the “spirit of division”, on Saturday during his wishes to the French, during which he also confirmed that 2023 would be the year of the pension reform, and insisted on the ecological transition.

“Let’s be proud”, launched the President of the Republic in his televised address, listing the successes of the country. “We need to equip ourselves with this pride and this confidence” to face 2023 “in a united and united country”, he insisted.

He called for “the unity of the nation” so as not to give in to the “spirit of division” which would prevent France from “getting out of it in such a harsh world, in such hard times”.

The Head of State confirmed his intention to quickly launch the reform of the pension system, with a view to application “from the end of summer” 2023.

“As I made a commitment to you, this year will indeed be that of a pension reform which aims to ensure the balance of our system for the years and decades to come”, and to “consolidate our pay-as-you-go pension,” he said.

The government must present its reform on January 10.

Emmanuel Macron advocated postponing the legal retirement age to 65 during his presidential campaign, before saying he was open, between the two rounds of the election and then this fall, to a solution combining a lesser postponement of the legal age to an extension of the contribution period.

The president also insisted that France must “win” the “battle” of “ecological transition”, promising to “accelerate the deployment of renewable energies” in parallel with the “launch of the construction of new nuclear power plants”. .

Regarding the threat of power cuts this winter, “it’s in our hands,” said the head of state. “If we continue to save energy as we have been doing for a few months” and if “we continue to bring our nuclear reactors back into service as planned, we will get there”, he assured.

The president finally promised to help the Ukrainians “without fail”, “until victory”.

“We will be together to build a just and lasting peace. Count on France and count on Europe,” he said.

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