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Epic Games finally announces what we’ve all been waiting for



Fall Guys is coming soon to new platforms and is even going free-to-play.

It’s been several days since Epic Games teased a huge announcement concerning the battle royale Fall Guys. On May 16, the studio finally announced what all gamers were waiting for: the switch to free-to-play, porting to Switch and Xbox, and the arrival of cross-play and cross-progression. The whole thing was presented on video by Epic Games, video which you can watch below.

The first of Epic Games’ big announcements is the arrival of Fall Guys on many platforms. Already available on Steam and PlayStation, the game will soon be playable on Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and even on the Epic Games Store. It is even surprising that this latest platform was not available earlier. Nevertheless, all players on these platforms will be able to enjoy Fall Guys starting June 21.

With this, Epic Games also announces that the game will be removed from Steam. PC players who already own the title on this platform have nothing to worry about, however, new PC players will have to go through the Epic Games Store launcher from this date. Good news, cross-play and cross-progression will also be part of the game from the launch of the title.

Fall Guys is finally free!

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the novelty that pleases us the most, Fall Guys switches to a free-to-play business model. Instead of being offered at € 19.99, it will now be completely free, with in-game purchases as always. This concerns all the platforms on which Fall Guys is available. The following question now arises: what compensation will players who have already paid for the game receive?

Epic Games has thought of everything. In exchange for the 20 euros that most players of Fall Guys paid, they will receive a cosmetic pack for their character and profile. The Legacy Pack contains a nickname, dog tag, regal costume, veggie hot dog costume, dwarf costume, and season 1 subscription.

Because yes, with these big decisions, Fall Guys starts afresh and resets the season counter. The season pass is also a big new feature, and will allow you to access more rewards during the season, based on your victories and your participation. The free pass will always be there.

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