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episode 3 brings in iconic characters



Familiar faces are set to appear in Episode 3 of The Last of Us to the delight of fans.

This week, fans of the games and the series The Last of Us can discover the second episode, of which we have given you a recap right here. Those who got there early to watch it are already impatiently waiting for episode 3, which will be broadcast next Monday on Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, HBO has concocted a presentation trailer that does not bode well for our favorite survivalists.

After Tess’ sacrifice, things go badly for our duo. His former partner convinces Joel to continue on the road and take Ellie to see Bill and Frank, who will know how to take care of the young girl, while Joel continues to look for his brother Tommy, who hasn’t answered for weeks.

So far the plots of the games and the series have been extremely similar. But this episode risks marking an important breaking point since in the games Frank does not exist, and the passage at Bill’s is only temporary, so that Joel and Ellie can find a car to go to Tommy. We suspect that in the end, the result will be the same, but it will be interesting to see how HBO will approach this part.

In any case, we will find familiar faces since it is Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) who will play Bill and Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus) who will play Frank. We suspect that a good dose of infected also awaits us, this episode will not be easy even for the spectators.

An audience growing as fast as a pandemic

Waiting for, The Last of Us continues to break its own records, with an audience for the second episode beyond what one could have imagined. After a first chapter that earns the title of the second best launch of an HBO series of its last ten years, episode 2 managed to collect more than 5.7 million viewers on HBO and HBO Max, an increase of 22 % compared to last week.

This only counts people who watched the series at the time of its broadcast, so we imagine that these figures swell drastically a few days after the release of said chapter. HBO has already explained that the first episode has been viewed over 18 million times in just one week, this record could therefore quadruple again by next Monday. This is excellent news for the entire production team, which at the same time receives praise from the international press.

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