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Éric Duhaime proposes a common front against Ottawa to close Roxham Road



(Quebec) Conservative leader Éric Duhaime calls on the main political parties in Quebec to form a united front against Ottawa on the Roxham Road issue.

At a press conference in Quebec on Thursday, Mr. Duhaime said he wanted to go on a delegation to Ottawa to demand the permanent closure of Roxham Road.

“The climate is more favorable than ever for […] that a Quebec delegation of the five chiefs go to Ottawa. Quebecers like it when we work together,” he said.

“It’s seeing what unites us. I think that all the political parties consider that it is not normal that we have immigration that mainly comes from Roxham Road, ”he added.

Last year, nearly 40,000 asylum seekers were intercepted at Roxham Road, an unofficial entry point located in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, in Montérégie.

Since then, Prime Minister François Legault has repeatedly said that Quebec’s reception capacity has been exceeded, without his interventions having had much impact so far.

Mr. Legault notably maintained, in a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, and in another in English Canada, that the pressure on public services in health and education was “untenable”.

Faced with this “illegal” immigration that has become a “scourge”, the parties must send an even “stronger” message to the federal government of Justin Trudeau, according to Mr. Duhaime.

In the meantime, he suggests that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police simply block the way for migrants. “We’re pushing them back! “he launched, also evoking the idea of ​​a” fence “.

The Conservative leader was accompanied on Thursday by his former candidate in Mille-Îles, Ange-Claude Bigilimana, who recounted his journey to immigrate to Canada and spoke of the importance of taking official channels.

When questioned about Roxham Road, Mr. Bigilimana candidly admitted that he would have taken it himself in 2004 if he had been able. However, “no self-respecting country has a territory that you can cross as you want,” he added.

During a short press scrum Thursday afternoon, Mr. Legault swept aside Mr. Duhaime’s proposal to organize a visit by the leaders of Quebec’s five main political parties to Ottawa.

“Well, listen, I don’t think there’s anyone in Ottawa who isn’t aware that there is a consensus in Quebec. We have a motion from the National Assembly; I think that’s enough,” he said.

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