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Evan Fournier still stalled



Left on the bench by the Knicks coach for six weeks, Evan Fournier takes his troubles patiently and assures that he has not discussed a possible exchange with the New York leaders.

Forty-six days. It has now been 46 days, and a game lost against Oklahoma City, that Evan Fournier has not played an NBA game. Holder in the first seven games of the Knicks season, then substitute for the next six, the 30-year-old French player is no longer part of the plans of his coach Tim Thibodeau, who has not played him since November 13, when is perfectly fit. The coach prefers to play with a shorter squad, and on Tuesday, when Jalen Brunson and RJ Barrett were out of the game in Dallas (which saw Luka Doncic sign a historic performance), Evan Fournier did not play a single minute , unlike another left behind, Derrick Rose.

A transfer before February 9

The French spoke in the columns of New York Post about his situation, that he is living with more and more difficulty. “I wasn’t surprised not to play that game in Dallas because the guys on the court were playing well. With Cam (Reddish, another player dismissed by Thibodeau, editor’s note), we were talking on the bench. We already knew, so we weren’t surprised. (…) I didn’t talk to my leaders at all. I haven’t played for six weeks. I preach patience. It’s starting to get a little long. But maybe there will be an opportunity. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m the same guy, you know. What do you want me to say ? I do not know. Yes, it sucks not to play. The part that’s really hard is that when you’re not playing, you have to find the right amount of work to keep you ready. Like all franchises, the Knicks have until Feb. 9 to trade players. This seems to be the most likely option for Evan Fournier. Arrived in the summer of 2021 from Boston, the Frenchman will earn 18 million dollars this season, then 18.8 million the next. The 19 million option, on the other hand, will have to be exercised, or not, by the franchise where it will be in 2024-25.

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