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Even in gaming, Apple crushes its competitors



According to a study, Apple Arcade is far ahead of its competitors in the mobile gaming market.

We know it and we have seen it for a few years now, video games are booming and do not intend to stop there. This is especially true for the mobile games market, which is expanding visibly. Now even the giants accustomed to consoles and PCs are starting to bet on this sector. This is particularly the case for Sony, as we saw in its latest financial report, and Microsoft with its Xbox Cloud Gaming.

But video games are also attracting many other technology companies, which want to take their share of the market. We are thinking in particular of Google and its Stadia service, Amazon or Apple. The latter, which is already crushing everyone in the smartphone sector, could well take the crown in the field of mobile games as well.

iPhone and iPad users have surely already crossed paths with Apple Arcade, a subscription service available on all iOS, macOS and Apple TV devices for €4.99 per month. It gives you unlimited access to more than a hundred games, the catalog of which is regularly renewed. While some of the games on offer can make their way to consoles, they are and often remain Apple Arcade exclusives.

Apple has found a recipe that works again

A study, conducted by the company JP Morgan, concludes that in the current state of the market, Apple Arcade is extremely well positioned to take the monopoly of mobile games in the near future. According to analyst Samik Chatterjee, it’s Apple’s financial model that sets it apart from the competition. If there are a few other subscription services, Apple Arcade offers exclusives and simple games, which tend to convince a wider audience of casual gamers. He explains :

We expect Apple Arcade subscriber numbers to grow rapidly, driven by the rise of popular titles, to reach 70 million subscribers by 2025, which we estimate will drive revenue of 1.2 billion dollars for the service.

70 million is more or less the entire French population. It is therefore a fantastic figure which is not so far-fetched when you consider that the mobile game market should reach the 136 billion dollars in 2022 according to a study by Apple therefore still has things to do, just like its competitors who will soon show their fangs too.

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