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Even more Sonic in 2023!



One of the big winners of the year is none other than Sonic! Sega’s mascot has been a hit on all screens, whether in cinema, on TV (on Netflix) and of course on consoles and PC. And 2023 promises to be just as busy.

Sonic has been busy over the past year. The Blue Hedgehog was shown at the cinema with Sonic 2 the movieon Netflix with the very good series Sonic Primeas well as in two major video games: the compilation Sonic Origins and Sonic Frontiers sure. Sega does not intend to stop there, fans who want more will be served in 2023!

Lots of Sonic content in the works

Sonic Frontiers is already getting three big updates, including a brand new story at the end of the year with additional playable characters. It’s far from over. Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka set the scene in a interview for the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Expect a “second wave” of Sonic-related content in 2023!

2022 was the biggest year in Sonic history he said, recalling the busy mascot news last year. ” We are preparing a second wave to satisfy fans and maintain this momentum in 2023 “, announces the leader. He reminds that additional content is in the pipeline for Sonic Frontiersbut there will be much more than that “.

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Among these novelties, we can add new Lego sets! Five boxes would be planned, and possibly even more, by summer 2023 at prices ranging from $29.99 to $99.99. It wouldn’t be the first time that Sonic has entered the Lego universe (unless it’s the other way around): a pack Lego Dimensions featured the hero with vehicles.

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