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Even the Dead Space devs don’t want to play it



Dead Space is so scary to see that the developers themselves are leaking their game.

In a few days, horror game aficionados will be able to rediscover a classic of the genre. dead space returns in a remake version available from January 27 on consoles and PC. To promote it, the developers confess to the terrifying nature of the title. So terrifying in fact that even they refuse to play it under certain conditions. questioned by PLAY magazineDavid Robillard, technical director on dead spacesays:

When I play it at night, I can’t do it with headphones. It’s just too scary. The quality of realism and, again, the atmosphere, play a lot. And not just visually. The way we manage the sound, the atmosphere, the effects, the systems that try to scare you. These things, you know, could have been done [sur old-gen], but not at the level we do today. And they really add a lot to this kind of game and make the experience even more interesting.”

Sensitive souls refrain

The developers also prefer daytime frights, in case a monster comes looking for them at night. Of course, dead space is reserved for the brave. The creator of a whole sub-genre has not returned to the front of the stage to joke, and the new version is more immersive, more realistic, therefore more horrifying, while remaining extremely close to the original material. Phillipe Ducharme, producer on the game, explains:

Even when we started this project, I did several walkthroughs of the original game to make sure I had it in mind – and the immersion was one of the strongest selling points. For us, anything we could do to try to improve that immersion was an automatic yes..”

It remains to be seen if the result is there. The remake of dead space is not managed by its creator Glen Schofield since he now works at Striking Distance Studios, at the origin of the recent The Callisto Protocol. The new Visceral Games teams at EA are taking care of it. The title will be released on January 27 on consoles and PC. Meanwhile, it looks like a franchise movie is also on the way, as horror master John Carpenter has already mentioned.

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