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Event | Lucid opens its first store in Quebec



The American manufacturer of electric vehicles Lucid recently opened its very first sales studio on Quebec soil in a large building of 1750 m2 located on rue Saint-Jacques, in Montreal.

A little like Tesla, the inevitable rival also born on Californian soil, this studio sells directly to its customers and provides vehicle maintenance. It also allows, like any self-respecting luxury manufacturer, to have a personalized configuration service using, among other things, virtual reality. This approach seeks both to target the desires of the buyer, but also to build loyalty through this degree of involvement more pronounced than normal. A rather complete website also serves as a configurator, allowing a complete remote experience.


For now, the brand will only sell its Air model, the only one currently on the market, in its Montreal studio.

The Montreal studio is the 3e to open in Canada and on the 36e in the world. For the moment, the brand will only sell its Air model there, the only one currently on the market. A large electric sedan focusing on performance, it is currently available in two liveries: the Air Touring ($148,500) and Air Grand Touring ($212,500), which have 620 hp and 1,080 hp respectively and maximum ranges estimated 653 km and 830 km.

The entry-level Air Pure ($121,500), which will be the only two-wheel drive option, will arrive soon, while the 1,200hp Air Sapphire with three electric motors will be released later this year. at a significantly higher starting price of $327,500.

With modest global sales totaling 7,180 vehicles in 2022, Lucid is arguably limited by widespread disaffection for sedans. The arrival of a second model in 2024, the Gravity SUV, will undoubtedly allow a significant increase in this figure.

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