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ex-creative director cries ‘wokism’ and the studio reacts



Is the failure of the post-apocalyptic game the fault of the journalists? The studio dissociates itself from the remarks.

If Days Gone had been able to create the hype with its first trailers, the final result was far from having convinced the players. Without revolutionizing open-world or zombie games, the title did not even manage to offer a decent gaming experience when it was released. Stuffed with bugs and other problems of all kinds, the community had no mercy and did not hesitate to bury the title without it being able to prove itself.

Released on PC two years after its initial publication, this version with improved gameplay has found a wider audience. Despite everything, the lack of depth of the game and the bad reputation of the license earned him the cancellation of a sequel. Bend Studios would have liked to continue Deacon’s adventure, but Sony never gave the green light. With its great ambitions, the PlayStation Studios label could not suffer another failure.

Three years after the disaster Days Gone, the former creative director of the studio spoke on December 7 as to the reasons for this failure. For John Garvin, the pill was hard to pass, that’s for sure. But one would have to be damn upset to sum this situation up with something like “wokism.“And yet…

The new easy enemy

It was in responding to a player surprised by the failure of Days Gone that John Garvin established three reasons that explain it. Far from missing the mark, he began by mentioning the technical problems galore, and rightly so. However, the rest of this statement had enough to react on social networks.

The game had testers who didn’t take the time to actually play it, and other woke testers couldn’t stand a gruff white biker staring at his girlfriend’s ass.

Credits: John Garvin via Twitter (screenshot by Push Square)

Without going overboard, John Garvin did not hesitate to denounce a review bombing due to wokism and the laziness of journalists. Inevitably, the former creative director found himself with a large part of the industry on his back. He has since restricted access to his Twitter account. It didn’t take longer for Bend Studios to react and dissociate itself from these statements via an official press release.

Bend Studios does not share his feelings which do not reflect the vision of our team either.

While the studio continues to work hand in hand with Sony, Gravin is preparing a triple A around NFTs.

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