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exclusive images unveiled by surprise!



The most anticipated game of the year continues to be shy but was revealed a little more during a private event…

Alohomora”, and here is the door to new images ofHogwarts Legacy opens before our astonished eyes. The title of the Avalanche Software studio has been very discreet since the State of Play organized in its honor several months ago. After this last official presentation, the game showed itself in very original circumstances. While the developers offered us an ASMR video of the title’s environments last May, it was during an event organized by Autodesk that the RPG Harry Potter turned out a bit more.

Unpublished excerpts for a handful of spectators

You should know that all this new content has not been the subject of any official announcement from the studio. It is the Autodesk company which used the long-awaited game to highlight its various technologies and in particular the assistance provided on the side of the motion capture of the title. The event was not publicized, but the Twitter account @HogLegNews managed to get their hands on the exclusive content presented on this occasion.

In addition to some behind-the-scenes footage of its creation, a short cinematic was also unveiled. A new preview of the character customization menu also allows you to discover what the interface of the title will look like when it is released still scheduled for the end of 2022. The scope of the images presented is very light, but that’s all fans have to eat while waiting for a new official announcement.

© Warner Bros. Games / Autodesk

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy Seems to be on track and should be out on schedule. After these few pieces of information obtained in a very special context, perhaps this will motivate Warner Bros to show more and reveal the release date which is long overdue. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Games is working hard with Player First Games to make the success of their smash-like MultiVersus which could soon welcome the famous wizard with the scar…

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