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Two years ago, Audi Canada did not sell any hitch/tow accessories to take advantage of this advantage. I know because we were going to buy the Q3 we loved until this new information came out after some legwork on my part. Since the Q3 was not towing at the time, we got the Q5. Nothing to say against the latter, but the fact remains that we would have preferred the Q3 despite its small flaws. If we refer to your test bench, you say the opposite: Audi would have rectified the situation? In this case, can we therefore consider getting a Q3 to tow my small trailer?

Charles-André G.

There is a package ($871) in the catalog of options for this model. This includes the trailer hitch and the appropriate electrical circuit. So you can consider towing your “small trailer”, as long as it respects the limitations of the vehicle, that is to say 998 kg.

profit in sight


Cadillac XT4

I have a Cadillac XT4 whose lease ends in a few months (24,500 km). The residual is $20,500. What do you recommend ? Considering I’m 80, is this a good option?

Rachel P.

Why not, if this vehicle still meets your expectations! Otherwise, with such low mileage, you might consider selling it yourself. You might be able to make a small profit.

Electric limited use


Toyota BZ4X

We have two vehicles with four-wheel drive, as we regularly go to the Laurentians, where our chalet is located. The RAV-4 is a 2020 with 40,000 km and the Forester a 2012 with 180,000 km. We would like to buy an electric car that would offer the same advantages and sell the Forester, but at what price? Or an electric car for shopping and summer use. We live in Laval and the chalet is between Sainte-Agathe and Saint-Donat. Thank you for your advice.

Michael G.

You will understand that it is impossible for me to set prices from a distance. That said, for equal mileage, market prices for a 2012 Forester range between $12,500 and $18,000. Good idea for the electric vehicle, but you will have to be patient with certain models. The waiting time is sometimes long. There are several electric vehicles that meet your criteria, but above all, ask yourself about the relevance of four-wheel drive, considering that your use will be seasonal (only in summer?), or even limited (for shopping ). If you are satisfied with your current products, you will no doubt be interested in the future Toyota Bz4X and Subaru Solterra.

How far is China?


Buick Verano

Could you tell me if Buick will market a new Verano? We have the latest generation, 2016. It’s probably the best car we’ve had. There is no rush to change it since I estimate I can use it without problem for about three or four years. Being among those who prefer not to change anything when everything is going well, we can therefore wait comfortably.

Charles S.

Given the popularity of SUVs, nothing suggests that Buick will soon market new sedans in North America. In return, the brand’s catalog currently includes five sedans for the Chinese market, including the Verano.

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