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Fady Dagher at the SPVM | “No one is born a criminal”, says Fady Dagher



The police must “serve the entire population, all populations,” said Fady Dagher, Thursday, the day after his selection as the next chief of the Montreal Police Service (SPVM).

Describing himself as “incorruptible”, he announced that he wanted to lead a police service which works “in humility” and which achieves the “marriage” between repression and prevention. The current Longueuil police chief wants “a much more inclusive police service, which understands the issues of marginalized populations, which understands the issues of immigration”. Because “no one is born a criminal”.

Mr. Dagher was selected on Wednesday by the committee of the City of Montreal in charge of finding a new police chief, a twist unforeseen by the observers. The information quickly leaked. Thursday, he took a new step towards his official appointment by making his first public outings.

The one who worked at the SPVM from 1992 to 2017 refused to go into the details of his plans for the organization, but exposed a general vision.

What worries me a lot is that we react to crises. But we are capable of intervening before the crises.

Fady Dagher, new head of the SPVM

He said he wanted to create “a village spirit” in the community. The SPVM must forge ties with the population outside of times of great tension, because otherwise, “it looks much more like make-up.”

But the next police chief will also be able to be tough on criminals: when it comes to “guns, shootings, this is not the time for dialogue. It is time to intervene”.


Fady Dagher (centre) was appearing before the city council’s public security commission, which must confirm his appointment.

” The rare pearl ”

In the afternoon, the mayoress of Montreal Valérie Plante welcomed the choice of her administration.

“We were looking for the rare pearl,” she said at a press conference at City Hall. “That person is Fady Dagher. His appointment […] is entirely consistent with the actions we have been taking for more than a year to ensure the safety of all Montrealers. She touted the “forward-thinking” of her next police chief.

“His track record is impressive,” added the mayor. “He has developed a security model that is innovative for the City of Longueuil. […] Mr. Dagher fully understands the reality of Montreal. He’s a Montrealer, he still lives in Montreal, by the way. »


Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

Fady represents the future of policing.

Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

After the Mayor’s speech, Mr. Dagher answered questions from the media.

He declined to say whether he believed the SPVM had enough police officers or whether he wanted to replicate his experiences from Longueuil to Montreal. The issues are the same, he said, however: 911, “it’s amazing how much of a catch-all it has become. The policeman is not a magician, he said. It is not up to them to solve the problems of society as a whole”.

On racial profiling, he adopted a disconcerting angle of attack: “I did some racial profiling, he admitted without problem. I did it completely unconsciously, without realizing it, until I experienced it myself. […] The collateral damage is major, the impact on human dignity is enormous. He advocates support measures for police officers who do unintentional profiling, but disciplinary measures against those who are ill-intentioned.

“He did a good job”

The choice of Mr. Dagher continued to arouse reactions on Thursday.

The union that represents Montreal police officers welcomed the news. “The Brotherhood wishes Mr. Fady Dagher welcome and the best of luck,” he said on social networks. “It is with openness and an outstretched hand that the Fraternity nevertheless recalls that in addition to armed violence, other major challenges await it, in particular the establishment of the conditions necessary for the recruitment of a greatly increased number of police officers in a context of competition, shortage of recruits as well as numerous retirements and resignations. »

The president of the Ligue des Noirs du Québec, Max Stanley Bazin, was delighted with this selection. “Fady Dagher’s human approach is sure to change things. He has experience in the field, he did a good job at the head of the Longueuil police and he put himself forward to change the police culture which is decried by the Ligue des Noirs du Québec, ”explains he interviews with The Press.

With this appointment, the Quebec Black League says it is more open to collaborating with the police. “We could possibly open meetings between young people and the police, and ensure that these young people have more confidence in the police”, concludes its president.

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