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Fall Guys teases a phenomenal announcement, finally free-to-play?



The battle royale to the tunes of Ninja Warrior and other TV games of the genre is preparing to reveal something huge.

Rumors have been swirling lately for Mediatonic’s game. Fall Guys is set to receive a major collaboration and may even change its economic system. While it’s hard to find your way around all this noise from the corridors, the game has just teased a major announcement for next Monday via its Twitter account:

So this is the perfect opportunity to take stock of the hearsay of the past few days and try to imagine what the studio has in store for players of the colorful battle royale.

In the battle royale family I ask Fortnite

Big takeovers have been rampant in the video game industry for several years and last March marked the takeover of Mediatonic, the studio behind Fall Guys, by Epic Games. This acquisition then added this successful game to the long list of popular licenses available to Epic, and brings the number of successful battle royales available in their catalog to two.

While a collaboration between the two games of the same genre now owned by the same company makes more than sense, a Twitter user known for his datamining leaks seems to have evidence that this obvious partnership is well and truly about to happen :

iFireMonkey indeed found in the lines of code of Fall Guys creation of links leading to the site of Fortnite. On top of that, cosmetic item names referencing Epic Games’ battle royale have also been discovered. Everything then seems to indicate an imminent crossover event.

Switch version coming soon

Already announced some time agothe Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys is still in the works alongside the Xbox version, and it may well be that this big announcement finally reveals the release date for this port of the game.

To everyone’s surprise, official Nintendo Twitter accounts from several countries retweeted the post of Fall Guys serving as a teaser for next Monday’s announcement. We can then easily deduce that part of this announcement will refer to Nintendo in one way or another.

While searching “Fall Guys Switch” on YouTube, the link of next Monday’s live is also offered to us, confirming all the more that the data of this future video must contain references to the Kyoto firm.

New owner, new business model

The transition from Fall Guys to a free-to-play model could well be part of the big announcement that Mediatonic and Epic Games have in store for us. After the acquisition of Psyonix and Rocket League in 2019, Epic was quick to change the economic model of the game to make it a free title working with microtransactions for cosmetics via a season pass in particular.

Thus, since the takeover of Mediatonic, the rumors of the transition to free-to-play for the strange battle royale have only intensified. It is not impossible that Epic Games will follow the same recipe as for Rocket League, and new evidence supports this possibility. The datamining that made it possible to discover content Fortnite also revealed the presence of a paid battle pass and a reboot of the game’s seasons with a return to a season that would be called “Symphony Season 1”. Until now, the game offered its battle passes for free since the game was pay-to-play, and the presence of this paid pass can therefore only mean one thing: Fall Guys will most definitely become free.

The game from Mediatonic and Epic Games seems to have a lot of surprises in store, and the announcement of the Monday, May 16 at 7 p.m. actually promises to be “THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” in the history of the game.

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