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Finally a new interface for Steam’s Big Picture mode



Launched in 2012, the Big Picture mode makes it easier to navigate the store and its Steam library on a television. Since then, Valve hasn’t really made any improvements to the interface, which will finally benefit from a major overhaul.

The Steam store is not a model of ergonomics on a PC. To facilitate navigation with a controller, Valve has therefore developed a Big Picture mode, which makes it easier to access the Steam catalog, as well as the games in its library on a television or any other device that is not equipped with a keyboard and a mouse.

Like on the Steam Deck

This interface released in 2012 hasn’t changed much since then, but that will change. The publisher has indeed announced an update that completely shakes up the design of the application: it is closer to that of the Steam Deck. Valve also explains that it was originally designed for the console. The slightly dated “bluish” side gives way to the more attractive visuals of the game covers. It almost feels like the Netflix or Prime Video app!

The new home screen allows quick access to games, the store and contacts. The app also contains a new Controller Configurator designed to make it easier to choose, adjust, and create custom controller settings. The Steam store has also been the subject of in-depth work for browsing with a controller.

In-game, just press the Steam, Guide or PS button to access achievements and guides. A new system menu is available to quickly jump to the different sections of the interface. Finally, a quick access menu appears to display notifications, contact lists, quick settings and more.

This interface is still in beta, but it is possible to activate it via the Steam preferences and then by modifying the software start shortcut with the parameter ” -gamepadui “. The user manual is to be consulted here.

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