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For Clarkson, “Gobert will succeed wherever he plays”



Now ex-teammate of Rudy Gobert at Jazz, Jordan Clarkson believes that his French “great friend”, traded to Wolves this summer, will also shine in his new franchise.

Hello Jordan, you have just played the Asia World Cup qualifiers with the Philippines, how did you feel when you found your national team again? And tell us about your arrival as a superstar in Manila.
It was great to be able to represent the country. The fans give me nothing but love and support, and it was really fun to play for them. I hope we can win important matches at the World Cup next August, and qualify for the Olympics, that’s the ultimate goal. The reception in Manila was crazy – there were so many people and I felt so excited to be there and play for the Philippines.

You played eight seasons in the NBA, were selected in the NBA-Rookie First Team and won the title of best sixth man of the season after being drafted at the end of the second round. How do you view your journey?
So far, it’s been an incredible run in the NBA. I’ve always focused on staying in the moment, and I think that mindset helped me get to where I am today. I stay focused on the task at hand, try to be the best teammate I can be and always go for the win. No matter what, good or bad, the world keeps turning, so I’ve always been grateful and I keep working hard, and good things have happened.

‘Lucky’ to have played with Kobe and LeBron

You played alongside LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. What did you learn from them?
I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to play alongside LeBron and Kobe. I was able to play with Kobe for the last two years of his career – and learn from his mentality and his tenacity which was incredible – when I was starting out in the NBA. He was just such a focused, starved player, and one of the GOATs. LeBron is one of those guys who taught me leadership and helped me focus on being the best teammate I could be. They will both be some of the best players in history, and I’m just lucky to have had them as teammates at some point in my career. I will keep these lessons with me forever.

Your former teammate Rudy Gobert was traded to Wolves, do you think he can also succeed with Minnesota? Have you seen him play Eurobasket?
I still talk to Rudy every other day, and of course I wish him all the best – he’s a great friend of mine. He’s a great player and a leader and I think he will be successful wherever he plays. I followed how Rudy and France were doing at the Euros – he’s a trigger, that’s for sure. And I saw that France came second behind Spain, so congratulations to Rudy for this great journey with his national team.

Finally, can you tell us about your partnership with the Canadian brand lululemon and the Your Move campaign? And your love for fashion?
My partnership with lululemon grew organically – like most things I do. They take the brand to another level – in fashion and in fitness they are growing. This Your Move campaign has been great – it’s about celebrating wellness, something that I really support – mentally, physically and emotionally. For me, living my life authentically means not putting limits on my creativity and not trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t suit me. And this Your Move campaign stands for that. The campaign features some of my favorite pieces from lululemon and some great new items coming out this fall, like the Parkway Insulated Coat I’m obsessed with right now. As for my personal style, it’s also super organic – I wake up and just take stuff that I know I can show off. For me, it’s about having confidence and being creative in how I put together my outfits. I’m fluid – I want my style to be authentically me, and I know I can make whatever I put together go well.

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