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Ford | The 2024 Mustang confirms the power gains of all its versions



Following its official unveiling in September, Ford confirmed the homologated engine power of the seventh generation of the iconic Mustang. As advanced during the presentation, all the engines offered will be entitled to a more or less substantial injection of power pending the probable arrival of Shelby liveries.

The standard engine, which will be, like the current generation, a 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder, gains a small total of 5 hp for 315 hp at the end of the day and a torque of 350 lb-ft. . That makes it the most powerful production Mustang by a slight margin. Despite its displacement identical to that of the engine it replaces, this block is completely new and gains, among other things, an injection system equipped with injectors housed both in the combustion chamber and in the intake manifold.

The GT version will receive a 5L V8 now equipped with two air supply butterflies. Its standard power increases to 480 hp and its torque climbs to 415 lb-ft, gains of 30 hp and 5 lb-ft respectively compared to the last year of the Mustang’s sixth vintage.

Finally, the new Dark Horse variant of the Mustang GT pushes its peak output to 500 hp and 418 lb-ft of torque, securing it the title of most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever installed in a Mustang that doesn’t have the Shelby logo on it. its front fenders. Its maximum rotational speed is at 7500 rpm, a question of ensuring the theatricality of the rendering.

Remember that only 2024 Mustangs equipped with a V8 can be delivered with a manual transmission. The GT version retains its six-speed Getrag gearbox and the Dark Horse receives the excellent Tremec transmission, also six-speed. A 10-speed automatic transmission is offered in parallel.

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