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France knocks out Spain in historic football match



This football match between streamers is not part of the 2022 World Cup, but it is breaking records on Twitch.

Some did not wait for the 2022 World Cup to make football history. The day before the opening ceremony in Qatar, an extremely important match took place in the heart of Paris, at the Jean-Bouin stadium. Opposing France to Spain, the competition saw around twenty streamers compete with cleats on their feet. It was a match organized by Amine, a French videographer known for his humorous livestreams.

A few weeks ago, he then announced this event, called Eleven All Stars, which aimed to put an end once and for all to the “virtual conflicts” with Spanish streamers, which have lasted since the defeat of the latter during the Pixel War. This November 19, our influencers confirmed their victory with a score of 2-0 for France. It is therefore a crushing victory for the improvised Blues team, which set a numerical record at the same time.

Squeezie’s Twitch record already broken!

You are probably aware that last October, Squeezie broke the record for the number of people simultaneously on a live Twitch as a Frenchman with his GP Explorer. With 22 streamer pilots on the grid, 40,000 people in the Le Mans stands and 1,018,817 people online at its peak, to say the event was highly watched is an understatement.

But with his soccer match, Amine smashes that record just a month after Squeezie set it. In addition to the 20,000 people present on site, more than 1.1 million viewers on Twitch who gathered simultaneously at its highest point. This is partly due to the presence of the biggest influencers in France among the players: Inoxtag, Michou, Carlito or even Djilsi and Domingo were present at the event, as well as Kameto in the role of commentator.

As a bonus, spectators were able to follow a mini rap concert live which saw big names such as Niska and Gazo. Beautiful people who propelled the amateur football match to the rank of a true international phenomenon. It has also attracted prestigious sponsors such as Micromania Zing, Adidas and Xbox. The full replay is available on AmineMaTue’s channel.

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