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France | Meta closes accounts of influencers suspected of abuse



(Paris) Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced on Friday the deletion of a series of influencer accounts followed by millions of people, including those of the couple Marc and Nadé Blata, targeted by a collective action for a vast alleged scam.

Meta deleted the Instagram accounts of Marc Blata (followed by 4.2 million people), Nadé Blata (2.8 million people) and Laurent Correia (3.2 million), as well as other accounts linked to them .

“We have clear rules against people who attempt to use our services to abuse others,” a Meta spokesperson told AFP.

“Our teams have removed a series of accounts violating these policies and remain committed to continuing their work to remove content and accounts that violate our rules,” he added.

Last Friday, two collective complaints were filed in Paris on behalf of the AVI collective (Help for victims of influencers), bringing together 88 joint complaints, for “fraud” and “breach of trust”, against the couple Marc and Nadé Blata, installed to Dubai. The complainants believe that they were defrauded of a total of 6.3 million euros, by investing in financial products touted by famous influencers, including the Blatas.

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