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Gamers unite to block Microsoft takeover of Activision



After the various authorities, it is the turn of the players to want to block the takeover of the studio by Microsoft.

The acquisition of the Activision Blizzard studio by the giant Microsoft is still talking about it. After numerous complaints from PlayStation and the concerns raised by the various commissions around the world, it is the players’ turn to express their opinion on this controversial takeover. In the United States, a dozen players are united to file a complaint against the transaction.

They thus hope to avoid that Activision does not belong to Microsoft, for the better but especially for the worse. The 10 plaintiffs are all represented by attorney Joseph Saveri, and come to us from three different states: California, New Mexico and New Jersey.

PlayStation gamers take legal action

In their complaint, the players explain that they are afraid that certain large licenses will become Xbox exclusives but also that Microsoft will obtain “vastly oversized market power in the video game industry, with the ability to squeeze out rivals, limit production, reduce consumer choice, raise prices, and further impede competition.

A subject that has been particularly sensitive lately, especially since Microsoft also took over Bethesda and all its subsidiary studios last year. The plaintiffs’ attorney adds:As the video game industry continues to grow and evolve, it is essential that we protect the market from monopolistic mergers that will harm consumers in the long run.


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Nothing is won yet for Microsoft

This obviously follows opposition from the Federal Trade Commission in the country, but also Europe’s extensive investigation into this matter which is still ongoing. Just this week, the European Union sent a questionnaire to Microsoft about what the takeover might entail, especially regarding the franchise. call of dutywhich remains one of Sony’s biggest financial windfalls on PlayStation.

Some other world authorities are still very reluctant to take over Activision Blizzard, this is particularly the case in the United Kingdom, even though Microsoft is doing everything to reassure the refractory. After stipulating that call of duty would remain on PlayStation consoles for at least the next 10 years, the firm even offered to have the franchise integrated into PlayStation Plus as a sign of good faith.

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