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GeForce NOW switches to RTX 4080, it’s time for 240 fps cloud gaming



If you’ve always dreamed of gaming in 4K 120 FPS from the cloud, the GPU giant has great news for you.

Nvidia has announced that GeForce Now will be taken to a whole new dimension. The offer is enriched with a new Ultimate subscription which will provide leading performance from the cloud.

Since the entry into the scene of the GeForce RTX 40X0 graphics cards, custodians of the new Ada Lovelace architecture, the firm has begun to update the servers (SuperPODs) of its cloud gaming service. Thanks to the new RTX 4080s, the new SuperPODs each offer more than 64 teraflops of graphics processing power – a 75% increase over the previous generation, built around the GeForce RTX 3080s.

For the user, this will make a considerable difference; we are now reaching levels of performance and graphics quality that were simply unthinkable on the cloud just a few years ago.

Nvidia claims that subscribers to the Ultimate plan will be able to achieve 240 frames per second on their machine from the cloud. The best-equipped enthusiasts can even use GeForce Now Ultimate to play in 4K at 120 frames per second. At least, in theory, because it will take a network infrastructure with impeccable performance to collect such traffic.

Note also the full support for G-Sync, raytracing, the DLSS3 oversampling system and the NVIDIA Reflex platform, which allows latency to drop below 40 milliseconds. We are still far from the response time of a physical PC, but in the world of cloud gaming, it is still a first.

An increasingly attractive offer

The main constraint now is above all the catalogue; if you spend most of your time testing loads of indie titles, you’ll probably have a hard time finding what you’re looking for. This service is still interesting for occasional players who do not see the point of investing in a powerful machine. If you’re only interested in current blockbusters and you already have a nice monitor or quality television, you might be tempted by this Ultimate offer.

Moreover, its price has not changed with this move upmarket; it is still offered at €19.99 per month (or €99.99 for 6 months). It should also be noted that users who already subscribe to this offer will automatically benefit from an upgrade to the RTX 4080 platform as soon as it is made available.

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