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Genesis | The electric GV70 will be rather expensive



A new addition to Genesis’ electric lineup, the electron-powered GV70 compact SUV will cost significantly more than its gas-powered liveries – which start at $57,500 – as well as many competitors.

Genesis Canada has confirmed that this new version will retail for $84,000, in exchange for which you get the optional GV60 powertrain. This one is sold for $5,000 less with these same engines in addition to benefiting from an exclusive electrical architecture, unlike the GV70 which is based on a modular platform with a heat engine.

Two electric motors share the task to produce 429 hp. They are powered by a 77.4 kWh battery compatible with a maximum charging power of 350 kW. Genesis has not put forward a range figure, but given its larger dimensions, it should logically be less than the 378 km of the GV60 Performance. It will obviously be necessary to judge the relevance of such a model in the range of the Korean manufacturer during an exhaustive road test, but the invoice probably does not help its cause in the face of competition that seems better equipped for less. Its marketing will begin next month.

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