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Ghislaine Maxwell trial | A third victim testifies



(New York) At the trial in New York of Ghislaine Maxwell tried for sex trafficking, a new victim told Tuesday about her battered life and underlined the active role played by the former partner of the American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

On the seventh day of the trial of the daughter of British magnate Robert Maxwell, in federal court in Manhattan, a third woman, “Carolyn”, testifying under a pseudonym, explained that she had been “over 100 [fois] At Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach, Florida, between the ages of 14 and 18, for what always began with a massage.

Mme Maxwell, a 59-year-old socialite figure of the jet-set – British, American and French – has been on trial since November 29 for having provided his companion and collaborator who committed suicide in prison in the summer of 2019, the extremely wealthy Jeffrey Epstein, underage girls so that he can exploit them sexually.

The incriminated facts date back to 1994-2004.

“Something sexual”

“Every time there was something sexual going on,” “Carolyn” testified, her voice quavering.

Contrary to two previous testimonies cited by the prosecution, “Carolyn” did not name Ghislaine Maxwell as the one who took her for the first time to Jeffrey Epstein.

She spoke of another woman, who is not a party to this lawsuit, Virginia Giuffre. This American filed a complaint in 2021 in New York against British Prince Andrew, a close friend of Epstein and Maxwell, accusing him of “sexual assault” when she was a minor more than 20 years ago.

“Virginia asked me if I wanted to make money […] I was going to meet a rich friend “and give him massages,” said “Carolyn”.

“Alcoholic and drug addict”

She spoke of a difficult childhood: leaving school in 5e and an “alcoholic and drug addict mother”.

In Florida, at Epstein’s, coerced sex always took place according to the same scenario: “We were greeted by Maxwell, an older woman [que nous] with black hair ”. “We went up to the bathroom” where there was a massage table, according to “Carolyn” who recalls that Epstein “brushed his teeth” before having sex with him and Virginia Guiffre.

“I was paid $ 300,” said “Carolyn,” every time I visited Palm Beach. From 14 to 18 years – “afterwards, I was too old”, loose the witness – the interviews with the Epstein-Maxwell couple take place one, two, three times a week, with a central role played by the accused.

“But why did you continue? »Asks the prosecutor. “I was buying drugs […] marijuana and cocaine “, admits” Carolyn “who ensures that the couple knew perfectly well that she was underage at the time of the facts.

This third testimony is added to those of “Jane”, 14 years old at the time, and “Kate”, a 17 year old Briton in the 1990s, who brought to light the active role of Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey. Epstein.

Sex crimes for which she pleads not guilty and faces decades in prison. The trial is scheduled to last until January.

“Epstein Fund”

As in the case of “Kate” on Monday, “Carolyn” said she received more than $ 1 million from the “Epstein Fund,” a formal redress mechanism drawn from the fortune of the multimillionaire after his death.

This 7e Court day began Tuesday with testimony from FBI agents who seized computers from Jeffrey Epstein in his New York villa on the day of his arrest in 2019. Thousands of photos showing the Mawxell-Epstein couple smiling at each other, kissing or having foot massages.

Born near Paris on December 25, 1961, Ghislaine Maxwell grew up and worked in ultra privileged environments between Oxford, London, Paris and New York.

She met Jeffrey Epstein in the early 1990s and was in turn his companion, his friend and his collaborator. Arrested in the northeastern United States in the summer of 2020, she is incarcerated in a New York prison in conditions she considers inhuman.

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