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Godzilla and King Kong arrive to smash everything



As Warzone Season 3 approaches, the Call of Duty team announces one of their biggest collaborations yet.

Activision’s battle royale continues to receive distinguished guests. After content The attack of the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) last January, then Snoop Dogg very recently, it is now the turn of two giants (it is the case to say it) of pop culture to join the universe of call of duty warzone.

Godzilla and King Kong will make their debut on May 11 through a special event entitled “Operation Monarch”.

kings of destruction

This collaboration with the film godzilla vs kong promises to be monumental, and will upset the habits of players of Warzone.

Few details have yet been revealed about this event, but PlayStation Blog post announcing the arrival of season 3 and the monstrous collaboration already gives some indications as to the scale of the operation.

Season 3 will mark its start on April 27., two weeks before the arrival of the kaiju and the gorilla. However, even before the start of the event, players will already be able to see the first changes on the game map. In the form of artifacts, research facilities and other traces of the presence of monsters.

Then, once the event has started, you should probably expect to find the city of Caldera completely unrecognizable. The two monsters are not there for fun, and the damage could be substantial…

It remains to be seen whether the arrival of the two giants will be accompanied by cosmetic elements to proudly wear your allegiance to the gorilla or the kaiju, but the opposite would be surprising.

A season 3 rich in content

The team of call of duty warzone do not laugh and promises a real plethora of content for season 3 of their battle royale.

In addition to this gargantuan event, battle royale players will be able to find new weapons, a new task force and its new operator named Mateo Hernandez and much more.

To learn more about this season which is proving to be memorable, you can find the official team post at call of duty warzone here.

See you on April 27 and May 11 to discover the novelties that these events have in store.

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