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good news for those who have a pre-order



Valve reassures its loyal players by confirming that all Steam Deck deliveries will arrive in 2022.

Unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series, the Steam Deck takes a thorn out of its way. At Valve, the production of the hybrid laptop PC was subject to logistical concerns which made its delivery more compromised, and this for a few months. On Twitter, however, the company claims that these concerns are a thing of the past and that all current Steam Deck orders will be processed before the end of the year.

Better still, it seems that some pre-orders have been brought forward, which is a small miracle in itself in the midst of a shortage of electronic components. It is certainly not at Sony or Microsoft that such an event would happen. Thus, all people who already have a pre-order for Q3 (third quarter) or later will have their machine in their hands on the agreed date, or during the fourth quarter.

For others, don’t expect to go to the site to reserve your model and be included in this message, it is obviously only intended for people who have already pre-ordered their Steam Deck in the last few months. Valve also clarifies that no pre-orders have been moved from Q3 to Q4, contrary to what some players claim. Note that the mention “after Q3” was absolutely not equivalent to a simple “Q3”, which seems to create confusion among users.

This comes just days after Valve announced plans to double the number of bookings processed per week. Things seem to be in excellent working order. As a reminder, Valve informs you by email as soon as your order is ready to be sent up to one wave per week, so you should regularly check your email to confirm the shipment of the machine. Otherwise, it is still available for purchase in three different versions. By the way, did you notice that its technical sheet had changed slightly?

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