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Google expands Google Play Games test that lets you play Android games on PC



Windows wants to establish itself as the reference platform for applications from all walks of life, including games. Google has extended the compatibility of its Google Play Games service which allows you to play Android titles on PC.

Windows is not lacking in games, it is even the platform of choice for players! But the operating system could do even better and why not, accommodate Android games. Google is on the move with the Google Play Games app for PCs. Launched as a beta last January in a few countries, it is now available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and several Southeast Asian markets.

85 Android games to play with keyboard and mouse

Nothing yet for Europe or France, but the experimentation seems to be bearing fruit otherwise Google would not have extended its experimentation (hopefully!). 85 Android games are available, and the search engine plans to add more titles in the future, which is also a sign of Google’s interest in this project.

The catalog includes some big mobile names like Cookie Run: Kingdom, WWE SuperCard or Just Dance Now, which can be played with a keyboard and mouse, and in full screen. We are obviously far from blockbusters, but this proposal will surely interest Android players who would like to find their favorite mobile games on their PC. Synchronization of progress is also possible between Windows and Android.

To try the application, Google recommends at least a PC running Windows 10, 10 GB of storage space (SSD), an Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card (or equivalent), a processor with four physical cores and 8 GB of RAM . A small configuration therefore which should put these games within everyone’s reach.

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