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Google is integrating generative AI tools into its online services



(San Francisco) Google on Tuesday presented new tools based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) for companies and individuals wishing to delegate certain tasks, from writing emails to creating advertising campaigns.

Google Workspace, the Californian group’s office suite (email, videoconferencing, etc.), “has long been a pioneer in real-time collaboration between humans,” said Thomas Kurian, the boss of Google Cloud, during a meeting. online press conference.

“The next step is to have an AI capable of collaborating, of working together with human beings, in real time,” he added.

Tech giants, led by Microsoft and Google, have been vying for advances in generative AI since the ChatGPT interface took the world by surprise in late November.

This technology marks the break between algorithms which mainly classify data, and algorithms capable of generating original content on command (texts, poems, images, lines of computer code, etc.), from the data on which they have been trained.

In Gmail and Google Docs, for example, users will be able to “enter a topic they want to write about, and a draft will be instantly generated,” the company explains in a statement.

“So if you’re a team leader onboarding a new employee, Workspace saves you time and effort writing that first welcome email,” she says.

Customer companies of Google Cloud (the remote computing branch) will have the possibility of delegating even more complex tasks, thanks to AI models fed with their own data.

Thomas Kurian and his team have shown how a furniture manufacturer could use technology to generate new designs, a chatbot for its customers, or advertising campaigns with different formats (from a short message for Twitter to a captioned image for Instagram).

Because generative AI is becoming multimedia, starting with images and text, but soon also audio and video.

The manager said that the new features will be offered first to testers, and did not reveal prices for the rest.

The Google Cloud announcements come two days before a Microsoft conference on the topic of “the future of work with AI”.

The parent company of Windows, Office (office), Azure (cloud computing) and LinkedIn has invested heavily in OpenAI, the Californian start-up that created ChatGPT.

At the beginning of February, Google unveiled Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT, the day before the presentation of Microsoft’s new Bing, which adds generative AI features to its search engine.

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