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Google launches a superb pinball machine playable in any web browser



Google took advantage of its global developer conference to launch a pinball game to play online from any web browser. Apart from the fun aspect, it is also a demonstration of the capabilities of Flutter, the search engine’s cross-platform framework.

The 2022 edition of Google I/O allowed Google to launch the new Pixel 6a and unveil many other new features, both hardware and software. This is mainly for the general public, but developers have also been spoiled with new APIs to test in their applications.

Like a pinball

Google also wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter, its cross-platform development framework. The search engine has thus created a complete pinball machine, I/O Pinball, playable in any browser! Just get to this address. The controls are adapted to the computer on which we play (with a keyboard or on a touch screen). It is even possible to make it a web app by “installing” the site on an Android smartphone.

Credit: Google

Technically speaking, it’s a success. Flutter adapts not only for native applications (iOS, Android) but also for the web. As for the 2D graphics rendering engine used, Flame, it demonstrates its power. This engine allows you to create animations, collision detection, manage the physical properties of objects, all perfectly integrated with Flutter.

Finally, why bother to develop for specific platforms when Google’s technologies make it possible to overcome barriers? This is the message that the company intends to convey to developers. Those who wish can even take a look at the source code, available at GitHub. A good way to understand how Flutter works and why not, to give developers ideas.

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