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Gotham Knights finally has a release date!



Warner Bros gives news of its next game Gotham Knights, and finally gives it a release date.

It’s been a while since Warner Bros officially spoke about its upcoming video game titles. While the entire cinematic line has been delayed, it looks like the Gotham Knights game will be right on schedule. As confirmed a few weeks ago, the game will be released this year and we now know on what precise date.

A few more months of waiting

In a tweet, the firm announces the arrival of the Bat-Family on October 25, right in time for Halloween. As a reminder, Gotham Knights plunges us into the heart of a city that we know well, but through the prism of chaos and the proliferation of criminals. Following the death of Batman, the Dark Knight, darkness has taken over Gotham and made it a hotspot for crime:

“It is now up to the Bat-Family (Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin) to protect Gotham, give hope to its citizens, discipline to its police officers and scare its criminals. From solving mysteries that bind the darkest chapters of the city’s history to triumphing over famous villains in epic showdowns, you’ll have to become the new Dark Knight and save the streets from chaos. »

Developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the title has already built up a community of fans as the universe of the title is promising and daring. This is an open-world action-adventure game in which you play as one of four heroes of the Bat-Family, all of whom specialize in a particular fighting style. The title will be released on PS’, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and should be playable in co-op.

No news from Hogwarts Legacy?

At the same time, Warner Bros. could have taken the opportunity to share some new information about the Harry Potter game that everyone is waiting for. However, Hogwarts Legacy It still doesn’t have a release date yet, although its pre-orders are already open. Maybe we’ll have some news just before or after the release of Fantastic Beasts 3, scheduled for April 13 in theaters.

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