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Green fined



For verbally attacking a Dallas Mavericks fan, Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) was fined a total of $25,000.

The penalty fell. Strong winger or American international pivot Draymond Green, now 32 years old and a lifelong resident of the Golden State Warriors franchise, will have to pay a fine totaling $25,000. A classic fine amount compared to what is alleged against the principal concerned. The player in question, former defender of the year, was sanctioned “for having made vulgar remarks towards a fan”. A scene that dates from the beginning of this week. And more precisely this Tuesday, November 29th. That evening, the Golden State Warriors, reigning NBA champions, moved on the floor of the Dallas Mavericks, for a defeat at the key (116-113), as part of the regular season of the prestigious League of basketball.

Words to a local fan

That day, the interior therefore seems to have literally lost its nerve, and more precisely at the very beginning of the fourth and last quarter of this famous meeting. Without a precise reason being then revealed. But his words were obviously in the direction of a fan of the locals, namely the Dallas Mavericks. At that time, the leader (or back) American Spencer Dinwiddie (29 years old) was making a pass at the free throw line. And so it was at the same time that Green then addressed the fan in question. The latter was seated in one of the very first rows, at the back of the panel. “Sit down and shut up your g*****” or “Enjoy this p***** game and shut up” are the terms used by Draymond Green, according to the specialized website USA Basketball.

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