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Gucci launches into gaming with Roblox and an e-sports school



The luxury market is no longer enough for Gucci, which decides to enter the world of gaming with two projects that are surprising to say the least.

This week marks the gaming industry with a red hot iron in the shape of the logo Gucci. While the luxury goods manufacturer had already experimented with the world of video games in the past by offering an Xbox Series X in the brand’s colors, the fashion giant is embarking on two major new projects.

Far from what they usually offer, Gucci will open the doors of two places reserved for gamers : a persistent city on Roblox and an esports academy. The two projects are poles apart and will offer very different experiences and objectives, but bear witness to the group’s desire to stand out in a new and expanding market.

The luxury metaverse with Gucci

Roblox is increasingly defined as a platform offering experiences worthy of the metaverse and intends to continue in this direction. Gucci understands this and therefore partners with the ever-evolving game to deliver a persistent experience. Last year, the luxury brand had already offered a temporary online gaming experience called “Gucci Garden”.

This had brought together no less than 20 million players in the space of two weeks. The brand then intends to ride on this success and offer an evolving metaverse-type experience on Roblox. This new Gucci city will offer mini-games, a café, and of course a shop that will allow players to customize their avatars with accessories designed by the fashion designer.

© Gucci / Roblox

Gucci plans to join forces with many Roblox content creators and regular players on this new server to evolve the experience according to the wishes of its community. It remains to be seen, then, what a fashion company can successfully do on the metaverse and what impact that might have on the brand or on the gaming experience in general.

Become a luxury pro-gamer

If Roblox isn’t your cup of tea but you’re more into playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Gucci has another project for you. Provided you hit your ball in this tough competitive FPS and want to pursue a career in esports, you could very well be recruited by the new school of Gucci.

Gucci esports school logo
© Gucci

Indeed, the luxury designer has just opened its “Gucci Gaming Academy” to try to make a place for itself in the e-sports market. Nowadays, we all know that this discipline pays off big, and Gucci does not want to miss this opportunity. In partnership with the platform FACEIT specializing in the creation of e-sport competitions, the luxury goods manufacturer intends to recruit players in Europe and North America to train ever more professional players.

Their objective seems to be to propose a complete experience with training on all fronts which does not only imply becoming better at video games, all while respecting the players and their mental health. Gucci seems to want to offer a new twist to the world of e-sports with a healthier course than usual.

It is nonetheless strange to see this brand launching in these two ways into a world that is far removed from its basic history, although these sudden decisions arouse curiosity and make you want to discover its fruitful future. or not.

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